Do your wigs really last 1-3 years

Yes, our wigs are made with real cambodian raw human hair when you care for your hair as we instruct you to your bundles and wigs will last for ever.

Can I swim with my hair on?

Yes! After swimming we encourage you to wash your hair with a good moisturing shampoo and condition. Hair must be rinsed really well and air dried for the best bounce back if in need to rush your drying prcess we encourage you to seek the nearest salon and pay for a drying service (you paying to sit under a hair salon establishment hair dryer). If for any reason you have any issues we encourage you to contact us at www.prettygirlweaves@gmail.com.

Will my hair lighten with bleach?

Yes! Our hair is 100% cambodian raw hair and it has not been altered besides the curl pattern to achieve body wave and deep curl patterns. No chemicals have been added to our hair and this is the reason our hair is so soft and hold curls, and lighten so fast. Our hair is also double draw that's why your wig or single pieces hair bundles you purchased are so full. We dont sale low grade hair that is NOT full root to ends.

Why the hair you sell is so full?

Our hair is called double drawn hair, double drawn hair is hair that is full root to end and is wefted with same donor hair, none of our hair has multiple donors of hair weft in one batch. Most sellers out there claim to be selling double drawn hair when in fact they are selling low grade hair with extremely thick hair at root area and very thin hair at ends. Hair grades are classied 7A-12A these days which is just a China MYTH. Hair is hair and there is good quality and bad quality. Low grade quality hair is made with very short hair and stringy strands at ends. When you purchased this quality of hair you come across very bad tangle in nape area and sometime throughout entire head. And when hair is mixed with other donors hair you come across hair being brittle and just bad hair . Thats why its best you stick with Pretty Girl Weaves hair because we have been using same vendor for over 7 years and our supplier has never steared us WRONG. See for yourself!

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